Emirates Woman - December 2015

Most Popular Celebrity Surgeries… That Don’t Involve Going Under The Knife

“The aim in modern aesthetics is to look well-rested, healthier and younger without any major changes and to minimise the time the treatment takes and the time it takes to recover,” says Dr Galyna an aesthetic medical doctor with an international client (royals and A-list celebs) base specialising in a wide range of non-invasive beauty treatments. “That means as little downtime as possible. That is why the non-invasive procedures work so well and have become much more popular.

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Huffington Post - April 2015

Is 'Waist Training' Safe? Here's What Kim Kardashian's Favourite Fitness Trend Could Really Do To Your Body

Dr Galyna Selezneva, an aesthetic medical doctor practising at the Dr Rita Rakus clinic in London, explains to HuffPost UK Lifestyle: "Formal corset training takes year of dedication and is not a quick fix to achieve a small waist. People such as Dita Von Teese have spent years training their body and waist through proper use of corsets."

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SLOAN! Magazine - December 2014

Dr Galyna: Celebrity Treatments and Why We Should Have Them Too

It wasn’t that long ago that celebrities who wanted to look ten years younger would take themselves off to a clinic for aesthetic surgery and, post-op, spend the next few months in hiding. The last thing they wanted was shots of their face with bruising and swelling confirming they had had work done.

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